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Net Revenue Analytics & Recovery

We help hospitals increase their net revenue by analyzing their transaction data to identify and then recover every dollar they might have missed in niche reimbursement areas. Our approach recovers value 100% of the time.

Hospitals we've helped

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Built for Accuracy, Designed for Outcomes


Proprietary technology that analyzes a hospital's financial data and then synthesizes insights needed to know where every dollar went, and what can be done to recover it.


Services designed and led by professionals with decades of experience in healthcare finance. We understand the nuances, and changing dynamics of revenue cycle management in today's health systems.


A team with relentless focus on business outcomes, accuracy, and service for every client. We emphasize collaboration and work alongside our clients to realize the value we have identified.


Clients served in 25 states


Average new value found per client


Success rate in finding value


Cost to client if we find nothing


What hospitals say about us

"F2’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. They dig deep into problems and identify root causes that had meaningful impact across our entire hospital system."

“F2 complements large, outsourced revenue cycle vendors by focusing on the “back end” bad debt that is often overlooked due to longer collection cycles and cost reimbursement.”

“F2 managed the process from beginning to end with limited time from our staff. The results were significant, and will last for a long time.”

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